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3 years 5 months ago #26 by kriegen
kriegen replied the topic: Storyline
Was re-reading Hope and Vengeance and came across this little tidbit:

With nothing else to do, I settled onto Kiarra's bed with a book I borrowed from her library. Yes, she has a library, but I had to follow my nose to find it. Ink on paper has a distinctive scent. The book was a mystery by a favorite author—Sarah Fox.

Suttle, Connie (2014-02-12). Hope and Vengeance (Saa Thalarr, book 1): Saa Thalarr, book 1 (p. 164). Connie Suttle. Kindle Edition.

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3 years 5 months ago #27 by robbytonk
robbytonk replied the topic: Storyline
Yep this pretty much puts the cap on the fact that the RD universe is part of the Le-Arth Veronis universe ... So Connie is shown again as the mistress of misdirection :)

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